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I'm supposed to be posting here more often using the Seinfeld method which I mentioned in another post, but it's been a little crazy.  No excuses.  I'll start back up with a tarot read. ;)

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I try not to dabble too much into Wicca, Witchcraft or Pagan stuff these days, but every once in a while it's interesting to get a 'read on what's going on.  One of my newest clients owns a shop that carries elements of these types of things, so I was brought right back to being curious again, and considering the last read I took of myself went un-read a year ago, I didn't think doing a new read and actually following through would be out of the question.

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Dream 1) Victorian Mystery with the stranger hunting us down one by one.  Hiding under the deck, then defeating him with logic in the upstairs tea sitting type area.

Dream 2) Hot Dogs and the Manager.  We felt so strongly about the buns being better the way we made them that we took it to the manager, and all the employees got fired.  I stuck up for myself and the team, then promptly woke up before I found out if I was fired or not.

Dream 3) Cupcake Bake-off in a hotel.  We won, but there was sabotage, team switching, and uncooked product.  The other team thought we would be mad, and I made a point not to be since it was only cupcakes.

Lessons learned. 1) ride out a storm you can't handle and approach it with another angle.  2) team is everything.  stick up for them, it's worth it to make change.  3) don't be an asshole to your competition.

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It's a Monday.  Time to rebuild on those habits I let slip. This is about ME.  It's my site, and my life and my notes.  If you're reading this, it's the inside of my head, pretty well unfiltered and random.  Take it as you will.

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Well, I've given myself a large enough sandbox to start designing and developing a new game to play away from work.  Click the readmore to check out the new map.

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Thanks to my brother and his birthday present to me, I am now armed with the newest (again) version of Dungeons and Dragons that's out there.  I'm digging the new rules although it's a bit disappointing that they don't mesh as well as I had hoped with the D&D Next beta for 5th.  I completely understand the need for the changes they did make though.

I've been developing the World of Caudor ever since I had my first edition DM's Guide in 1979.  I'm hoping to finally get it out of my head and into the wild.  I've got a generator idea for random dungeons that I need to develop for DMless play too.

Here's to the kick-off.

Side Note: I am subscribed to www.roleplayingtips.com 's email.  Informative and inspirational.  You should be too. :)

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So I'm involved with "the" property boundary issue still.  There's a portion of "her" fence on our property from the last time I had to cut the fence down.  I could leave it alone, but at the very least, in 19 years (unless laws change) the property she's fenced off that's ours automatically and without compensation, becomes hers, free and clear. 

I have a problem with that.

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I want to design websites with user interfaces like these.  For whatever reason, they excite & inspire me. -- and I have yet to see the movie.

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I have a Microsoft Professional certification, Dell certifications, HP certifications, Cisco training and all that jazz.  I spent a lot of time on getting those and have a lot of experience maintaining those.  I apply them to my business. -- where I get paid for what I do.

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