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1 P3steel frame V2.01 or v2.5  
4 silicone damper for heatbed  check: ebay
2 smooth rods Y; d=8mm, Cf53 h6 tolerance, grinded surface, steel, hardened
length: v2.01 = 350mm; v2.5 = 350mm
2 smooth rods X, 380mm; d=8mm, Cf53 h6 tolerance, grinded surface, steel, hardened
length: v2.01 = 380mm; v2.5 = 390mm
2 smooth rods Z, 320mm; d=8mm, Cf53 h6 tolerance, grinded surface, steel, hardened
length: v2.01 = 320mm; 2.5 = 330
8 sinter bronze bearings length: 12mm; outer diameter 12mm; inner diameter 8mm ebay
4 linear bearings LM8UU ebay
2 pulley 20 teeth ebay
2m drive belt GT2 6mm width ebay
2 couplings for 5mm/5mm shaft ebay
1m threaded rod M5 (cut into 2 pieces)  
2 brass nuts DIN 934 - M5 ebay
4 bearings MF 126 (with flange) ebay
4 stepper NEMA 17; 1,8°; 1,7A (for example ACT 17HS4417) Amazonor ebay
2 knurled nut DIN 466 - M5 ebay
2 bearings 625ZZ ebay
2 nuts DIN 985 - M5  
  compact bowden extruder:    
1 stepper NEMA 17; 1,8°; 1,7A (for example ACT 17HS4417) Amazon or ebay
1 extruder drive gear MK8 for 1,75mm filament Amazon
1 bearing 625ZZ ebay
1 bearing 608ZZ ebay
2 springs 0,5 x 4,5 x 20 mm ebay
2 pushfits M5 x 4mm ebay
1 heatbed for example: MK3, 3mm aluminium Amazon
1 print surface MK3 size (for example: Buildtak, FR4 or carbon plate, blue tape, Kapton foil, …)

recommendation: Pertinax

1 transfer glue 3M 468MP (8″x8″, better: 10″x10″) Amazon
  hotend / Cooling (v2):  (choose V2 or V3)  
1 hotend E3Dv6 clone; 1,75mm, 0,4mm noozle, 3950 thermistor ebay
1 COB LED 26x36mm  
1 axial-fan 30x30mm; 12V (for example: Sunon HA30101V3-A99) ebay
2 axial-fans 40x40mm; 12V (for example: Sunon MB 40101V2-000U-A99) ebay
1 teflon tube 4x2mm (maybe Delivered with hotend)  
1 MPX plug 4 pole, green ebay
  hotend / Cooling (v3):  (choose V2 or V3)  
1 hotend E3Dv6 clone; 1,75mm, 0,4mm noozle, 3950 thermistor ebay
1 stepdown converter LM 2596 or similiar (only needed if radial blower needs 5V input voltage ) ebay
1 axial-fan 30x30mm; 12V (for example: Sunon HA30101V3-A99) ebay
2 radial-blower 35x35x10mm (search „3510 blower“) ebay
6 panhead screw 2.2 x 4.5 mm DIN 7981 ebay
1 teflon tube 4x2mm (maybe Delivered with hotend)  
1 MPX plug 4 pole, green ebay
  Electrical / Electronic    
1 power supply 12V 25A 300W/350W Amazon
1 fan expansion for RAMPS 1.4 ebay
1 Arduino MEGA 2560 R3 ebay
1 SD-card Sandisk 16GB Class 10 or similar Amazon
1 LCD 2004 SmartLCD with adapter or 12864 fullgraphic LCD ebay or ebay
3 endstops Makerbot v1.2 style ebay
1 spring 0,5 x 4,5 x 20 mm (for Z-endstop trigger) ebay
1 arduino shield RAMPS 1.4 ebay
4 stepper driver Watterott, TMC2100 Watterott  
4 heatsinks Watterott, 10x10x12,5 Watterott  
1 socket IEC reichelt
2 switches Marquardt 1801 series reichelt
6m braided sleeving example: ViaBlue size S ebay
2 fans 40x40mm; 12V
(for example: Sunon HA40101V4-000U-999)
3m wire black, 0,25mm“ ebay
3m wire red, 0,25mm“ ebay
3m wire blue, 0,25mm“ ebay
3m wire green, 0,25mm“ ebay
1m wire black, 1,5mm“  
1m wire red, 1,5mm“  
1m flat ribbon cabble 10pol., AWG28  
6 crimpcontacts DuPont, 2 pole  
3 crimpcontacts DuPont, 3 pole  
5 crimpcontacts DuPont, 4 pole  
3 PSK connector male, 2 pole  
3 PSK connector female,  2 pol  
0,5m shrink tubing 8mm, inner hot glue coating  
0,5m shrink tubing 5mm, inner hot glue coating  
0,5m shrink tubing 3mm, inner hot glue coating  
20 zipties 100×2,5mm reichelt

DSC 1302

Earth Limb

Hey, since I'm being ignored most of the time anyway, I thought I'd post this. :)

I'm not in any way trying to demean or diminish the various issues being raised around the world that my mentors, friends, and acquaintances talk about. I listen, I process, and then I think about the root cause and come up with ideas on how it might be solved / resolved.

The fact is that [x] lives matter, or [y] equality or z [rights] -- to me -- is that x, y and z are a qualified and important subset of HUMAN. That doesn't make me dismissive, misogynistic, racist, or anything else.

I think it makes me somewhat of a "bigger picture guy".

I find myself being on social media less and less. Whether it's the algorithms or a constant barrage of argumentative people screaming for attention, the constant cat pictures or political vitriol, I'm just not as interested in society tearing itself down when I can spend my time more productively doing things for myself instead.

I would prefer a tea or beer on the back deck with a friend, just talking about whatever comes to mind. I'd prefer a phone call or a well-worded email or letter to texting, Facebooking or tweeting.

Mondays are a great for drawing a line in the sand.  The weekend is done and it's the start of a new work week, so the cycle begins again, allowing you to do something different, until the next line in the sand.  

Sure, lines are great. Drawing lines in the sand is a way of creating finish lines and starting points.  A way of allowing you to play the 'new card' over and over, but if you draw too many, for too many things, they will probably begin to override your ability to create something spectacular.

What would happen, say, just this once, you didn't create a new line.  Lets say instead that you took that moment, instead of drawing a line, to actually go the extra distance to do something truly special.  


Iced Coffee in a Large Cup

I don't know about you, but I LOVE coffee.  I can't get enough good coffee.. I stress 'good' because some types just don't agree with me.  When we go to our local Asian Grocers, we always pick up a few cans of something called Mr Coffee Mountain Blend iced coffee.  It's a thimble full to me.  The cans are 1/2 size.  I need more.  At the request of my wife, and the need for a cheaper alternative (3 cans were $8 CDN).  Here's the recipe that we've made at home that is the closest thing to it.

About Ian G. Lang

profileThis is my personal journal.  I'm a designer developer on a mid-life journey of discovery. 

You will find me on Facebook often, and, once-in-a-blue-moon on Twitter.  My grammar isn't perfect, my English comprehension is decent, and I don't really do anything that strikes me as world changing --at least in my mind anyway.  You might find a nugget or two of interesting takeaways in my ramblings.

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