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The ability to manage your own assets while still tentatively getting along with your neighbours at an appropriate distance. The power to say NO without having to consult with a bunch of other people who want sway over something you have a right to. The ability to remove unwanted elements from your life.

I can see that as a powerful set of reasons to take action.

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I'm going to spend the rest of this summer finishing off all of the projects I've promised to finish, paid/free or trade. I'm not going to take on anything new until I've completed those and constructed a complete web presence for myself as a freelancer.

Failure or Success.

It's really up to you and how hard you try.  Sure, economic and social effects will be a sway on how little or how hard you have to try to do something, but if anything, Chewbacca Mom is a welcome anomaly.  I shared it.

Trefal at Night - Game graphic

Registered the domain at 1&1 for a buck. is mine again.  Next, I set up Free DNS with and made it privately listed so nobody can make subdomains off of it but me.  

Question for the comments.. Should we have or not worry about the subdomain part since they're going to the same space anyway?

Next...  I need to set up the dynamic DNS locally on the routers, followed by loading up a machine to serve as a server.

Minimum Recommended Spec is:

  • Pentium 4
  • at least1 gig of ram though recommend 2 gigs if the module is of decent size.
  • 20 gigs of drive space, a partition just for NWN2 can help 

I think I'm going to throw:

  • Quad Core 3.2 GHz
  • 4 to 8 GB Ram
  • 320+ GB HDD space
  • Windows based Server w/ MySQL and IIS it.  That sounds better.

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gtx 1080 card with basic specs

This card looks incredible.  I'm not a gamer by any stretch of the imagination, however I can appreciate the sheer performance this card is promising for VR, AR and 3D applications.  That's why I want one.  I'm a tinker.  I can't help it. :)  I've been told not to get a 900 series because this one outperforms it for a 'not much more' price.

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