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I've been updating all of our computers to this update, since it seems to be much more stable.  I've only had issues with Adobe's Dreamweaver CC 2017 connecting to network drives, and that's about it. -- and that's Adobe's problem, not Microsoft's. 

I highly recommend getting it now, rather than waiting.  Check it and get it from this link [ ]

The 3D tools for 3D printing seem to be much easier and intuitive to use too.  Oh yeah.  We have a 3D FDM printer at our disposal. ;)


When living online and working from home, with the obvious exceptions of course, the only avenue to information and contact with friends and family for me is news apps and Social Media.  Sometimes, it's like I'm living with blinders on and I look up and months have gone by.

For some reason, I'm particularly sensitive to groups of 10 or more in an enclosed space, and crowds in stores.  I also have a hard time connecting as a peer. I know my stuff, but there are still some mental triggers where I revert to "a 14 year old in trouble" mode, which cripples my ability to interact from that moment onward. 

I've pretty much killed my chances at ever making it big, but I'm still holding out hope that I might be able to changemy attitudes and make things better in general.

In looking back at my posts on social media and my blog, It looks like I'm OK from the end of Decembe through till August, then I start to become annoyed?  Maybe it's a "time's run out for this year" thing?  Hmm.

I'm still on this side of the grass.  I'm off to try to make a difference.

I've been in love with D&D since (now I stand corrected) the summer of 1979 1980.  Our cottage neighbour had 1st Edition black cover Dungeon Master's Guide and was working on a dungeon that to me, at 9 years old, looked like 10 sheets of graph paper taped together with mazes, monsters, traps and treasures drawn upon it.  The very next summer, we had the Basic set (

It's not a bad game at all.  If you haven't tried it yet, go get a set of dice, or a dice app for your phone, a couple of friends, and download the newest basic rules FREE.

About Ian G. Lang

profileThis is my personal journal.  I'm a designer developer and dad, who just happens to spend a lot of time in front of a computer.   I've been pretty negative since I burned out of the IT Support sector, and I'm trying to correct that, so if I falter from time to time, don't hate me for it.

You will find me on Facebook often, and, once-in-a-blue-moon on Twitter.  My grammar isn't perfect, my English comprehension is decent, and I don't really do anything that strikes me as world changing --at least in my mind anyway.  You might find a nugget or two of interesting takeaways in my ramblings.