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Driving a vehicle with mechanical issues up hill, on a dangerous cliff-side road with potholes and falling rocks. Children in the back that were OK at the beginning of the trip.. now screaming, throwing fits and every moment or two, saying "are we there yet?" or "I want a treat!" and wanting you to stop everything and take the time to explain fully what the latest is, and "why" we're not there yet.

Take your focus off the road and the goal to explain it to them. Then, a few moments after you get back on that road and start navigating it, rinse and repeat.

You're obligated and honor bound not to throw the children off the cliff, and you're doing your best to do the longer than expected drive to the goal. You've even vowed not to take on any more children until you unload these ones properly and fix your vehicle.

Are we there yet? ..and oh "how long is a piece of string?".


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I really enjoyed the series.  Here's a snip from the Wiki on Towel Day.  **That reminds me, I'll have to add it to the CSS Framework I'm working on.

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  • I don't need a different email address for every different project, I only need one personal, one business, and one general business.
  • 3 pixels matters, but not when it comes at the cost of the project timeline.
  • My ideas are good enough the first one or two tries at it, and any more than that is a waste of new ideas.
  • I have too many projects that are unfinished needing direction and time put to them.
  • It's impossible to have only ONE project on the go at a time, but juggling them has to be defined better.
  • My metabolism is slow and directly related to my food intake and gastro issues.
  • Focus.  Focus.. FOCUS!


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I found that very small screens had an issue with embedded YouTube videos.  The skin applied was the responsive one, and works great at all levels except the VERY small.  That's where it broke out of the parent container.

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Apparently my OBDII cable driver was the culprit.  Once I replaced the driver and gave the van power off our battery pack, it coughed up a series of codes that told me I have 2 injectors out, and need both O2 sensors.  This is great news, since I thought I had an issue with the ECU.  I now have one spare, and may consider selling it since I've also seen the cover available online to replace the one I damaged.

These are the injectors I'm going to get (if you suggest not doing it, let me know in the comments part below.)

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I'm a big fan of procrastination, of distraction and not doing work that I have to do on a day to day basis and it's killing both my personal life and my business.

Here's how I'm fixing it, and it's working.

I woke up this past monday (posted about it) and realized I had and am wasting so much time it's really unbelievable.  So.. What I did was simply took it upon myself to do one thing at a time, without thinking about it.  What little thought I did actually do for the tasks that I have in a giant pile before me is to determine if it was something that could be done while I did something else (like an automated task or a waiting period that had to happen) and then did the next thing in line to get it moving.

Now, I feel productive and it feels like a self fulfilling destiny thing.  It feels like I'm building the proper habit to get into the groove again.  It feels.. Good.

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I woke up this morning and had the sickening realization that I feel like I'm quite literally on the verge of failure and feel like I'm past the tipping point and really starting to fall into the abyss.  At this point, there's only one thing to do.  Everything, FULL STOP.  One thing at a time.. GO.  It's the only way to get back onto solid ground.  There's no apologizing.  That time has long passed.

The list is endless and constantly generating more to the length of itself every day, and I've let, whether on purpose or by accident, things get WAY too out of control.

One thing.  Start with that.  Plan.. and stick to it relentlessly.

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They are normally tight yes, we typically use a 6mm allen head socket on a ratchet to break them loose, once they pop loose they aren't tight the rest of the way out. You just have to remove the upper intake manifold. There isn't really a manual to this and all you have to do is get the 10 bolts off then lossen the vacuum lines and intake boot from the intake manifold. Here's a picture of the things you need to disconnect.

2009 12 19 175658 mk4vr6intakemanifold

Basically just the bolts labeled number 5 and the vacuum lines at 6,7,8,9, as well as the electrical harness at bolt 4. this is all done up above not from below.

Read more: http://www.justanswer.com/vw-volkswagen/2wjqy-99-eurovan-vr6-injectors-bad-5-trying.html#ixzz3Z4vgffqS

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I'm supposed to be posting here more often using the Seinfeld method which I mentioned in another post, but it's been a little crazy.  No excuses.  I'll start back up with a tarot read. ;)

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