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I'm a dual UK/Canadian citizen and a creative with over 27 years of mixed media techniques for both print and digital. I really dig branding, but I love free-form illustration and cartography too. I drive professionally because it's really enjoyable. I'm a highly technical designer/developer who creates new and engaging experiences as often as possible.  Details, and the little things that delight are what I'm all about.  I once spent three hours fixing a three pixel issue on a website, because who'e going to care if I don't... so I do.


Ian G. Lang
Freelance Designer / Developer
September 1994 - Present
Toronto Ontario and Halifax Nova Scotia, Canada
Develop complex web applications, and provide full service branding for businesses. From graphic design, database administration, and technical support, to full multi-building network installations.

SOUTHLAND Transportation
Driver Trainer / Provincial Signing Authority
June 2020 - February 2022
Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada
Provide safe transportation to students in Halifax, "Safely Home". Ensuring the highest quality standards of training new drivers to navigate the roads towards gaining their class 2B License through intensive on-road education. Evaluating drivers exiting the training program, granting licenses to those who pass a rigorous on-road evaluation.

Stock Transportation
Special Needs Driver / Dispatcher
February 2019 - June 2020
Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada
Trained on and implemented Special Needs transportation for the HRCE, driving spare routes across the HRM and Eastern Shore.Manage upwards of 400+ drivers on four separate radio channels over the course of a day.

Caedrius Group
April 2011 - January 2016

Mindset Graphics MarCom
June 2004 - April 2011

INC Electronics
Owner / Operator
May 1997 - September 1999
Pickering, Ontario
Sales, service and support of personal computers and home networking products.


Durham College
Network Systems Engineer, Computers · (2001 - 2001)

Sheridan College
Art Fundamentals,  Computer Programming · (1994 - 1996)