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when I would try to upload anything smaller than 2MB, the transfer worked as advertised.  The moment I stepped outside that boundary, the process failed with a file too large error.

...I found a solution that works.

This one had me good for a few hours.  I had to stitch together information from all over the place to come up with this solution.
I knew it was a limit somewhere.  I use JCE Pro on Joomla 4x, with an Apache Server.

Make a php.ini file with the following information and place it in the root directory of your Joomla 4 installation.  **There should NOT be a php ini file in the Administrator directory as someone had mentioned in one of the countless sites I went to.


-- the file literally goes in the root, not in a subdirectory.

set your file size limits in Media > Options 

set your size limits in JCE under Profiles > {profile} > Editor Parameters > Filesystem > Upload Filesize

That should solve the issue as it did for me.