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1.  An og:image issue resolved where it wouldn't push the right image to social media. (that only took 9 hours or so!!)

-- this involved massive research into arrays, URL cleaning, a few trips to the database and such.  Joomla 4 has changed the way it processes intro images.

2.  Fixed relative links across the board.

-- once the coding in step 1 was done, the links kind of fell into place and I just had to set and re-use the variable from it.

3.  Changed up and enabled SEF URLs so links are cleaner.

-- I always hated having index.php in my URLs if it didnt need to be there.

4.  cleaned up the template details xml file and put all the module positions used in the template in there.

-- this fits with a better naming convention and allows me to put more objects into fewer positions.

5. updated PHP on the server to 8.1 so I'm staying current.

-- several PHP values I was using are now depreciated.  That was a large part of the cause of the length of time taken on step 1.