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As a Blogging platform, Joomla makes a great choice for security and peace of mind.  It might not be the world's most popular platform, but if you're looking to not get hacked as much, this is the way to go.  You can handle user management well if you have guest bloggers and the whole thing just works.

With this site, Pretty much the only plugin I'm running is an upgraded editor, which adds significant features to my editing of documents (here with Joomla, they're called Articles).  Add Grammarly or some similar service, and your posts will totally rock.

The capabilities of Joomla and Wordpress are about the same, with the only drawback I see so far is the system sending you an email to update the core, rather than where Wordpress sends you a note saying they've automatically updated for you.

With the right configuration, Joomla has some pretty wicked SEO/SEF built right in from the get go.  I can add tags, key words, descriptions, and change options on what to display and what to not display.

Joomla's primary appeal to me is actually the ease at which one can design a website without having to create loopback code or deal with multiple parts to a page.  I can simply add conditionals and go to town with pretty much anything I want to do for it.

To create this post, I simply added a new article, chose a category, typed away and hit save.  That's it.

I say minimal cost, because you could technically buy a template for a few bucks and then throw Joomla as the back end.  That's a bit of a wildcard for me, because I want to know that my template will be self sufficient and that I'll not have to decipher someone else's code if something goes wrong.

I create custom designs for my clients that are completely and uniquely tailored to the tasks and goals needed.With Joomla I can create intranets, client access portals, blogs, e-commerce solutions and so much more, again, tailoring it on the fly.

Joomla jost works, and I'm quite happy using it for my daily journal, random thoughts and personal notes (behind the scenes).