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I just found this post, buried deep within the archives here and I think it dates back to the early 2000's when I was commuting 2.5 hours each way to work and home through 16 lanes of 401 traffic during rush hour... in a standard diesel.  I found it to be a funny look at how I used to be and the mental immaturity that I displayed at that time.  A lot of water has gone under the bridge since then.

Hey A%$#hole driver..

You probably think I'm the moron*WRONG!* You must be special because I don't give everyone the finger. Well, let me explain why I gave you the finger or otherwise pissed you off.

1) You didn't signal a lane change in front of me and forced me to brake suddenly.
2) You cut across 4 lanes of traffic and cut me off, making me brake suddenly.
3) You were riding my ass SO close that I couldn't see your headlights or hood out of my rear view.
4) You were straddling the line and were partly in the lane I was occupying.
5) You made an improper lane change forcing me to alter my driving patterns.
6) You were driving excessively slow in the PASSING lane of the highway.
7) You sped by me and almost took off my bumper when you came back into the lane.
8) Any other retarded driving error or omission that causes people to brake or swerve.
9) You drove on the shoulder to get around me.
10) You can't merge correctly.
11) You can't tell the difference between your highbeams or your lowbeams.
12) Something Else I will add when you remind me of it.

Don't get me wrong. I speed. I admit it, although where, when and what car I drive isn't going to be mentioned. BUT:

1)I ALWAYS signal lane changes.
2)I ALWAYS make proper turns without sliding over lanes.
3)I give enough notice of a change in my driving patterns about 90% of the time.
4)If you signal, I'll let you in. If I signal, I expect the same. I WILL force my way in, if you accelerate to stop me.

Remember this: I'm only directly at fault if the accident occurs within the forward 180 degrees of my car, OR if changing lanes, I am responsible for making sure there's enough room to initiate the change. If you speed up, it's not my problem. You're responsible for the rest.

MY BIGGEST PISS OFF: If there's nobody in front of you and nobody to the right of you, DONT expect me to pass you illegally on the right. Move OVER! I flash my highbeams, then I flash them again, then I count to 30... on a good day. Remember the book? It said STAY TO THE RIGHT EXCEPT TO PASS.

The only time I drive like an asshole is when YOU pissed me off. Nobody else deserved whatever I did to you except you.

Don't want to piss me off or see if I'm right? GO HERE:

DRIVING ISN'T A RIGHT. (and you are sure as hell WRONG.)