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The Task:

Joe needs a task done. During a "Misunderstanding" between Lia and the local police, she was taken to a local holding cell and while Joe was waiting for her release he kinda threw his phone at a wall after finding out that he lawyer was being rather useless in getting her out. In the end Lia was released okay but Joe realized after the fact that the phone in question may have some answers to other questions... What Joe needs is for a prospect or prospects to get into that precinct waiting room and find the left over parts of his phone before whatever maintenance people they have in the place change the garbage out and the phone is gone for good. It the phone log info could be retrieved that would also go a long way to a prospect or prospects getting there full cuts. Joe is also placing a $5000 bounty on the task to sweeten the deal...

The Response:landrover

Alan rolled up to the precinct around shift change, and waited patiently at the back of the lot in his truck, casually taking satisfying drags of his cigarette.

When one or two officers started leaving, he knew it was time to move.  With the sun going down, he knew he would have to get in and get out fast.  He butted the cigarette out on the door where it was obvious that many had been put out in the same manner before.

He opened the door from the outside, as usual, since he could never be bothered fixing the inner handle. He stepped nimbly down with his natural feline ability and closed the door slowly, while glancing around.

Heading into the building, he made sure, while he skipped up the steps to the front door,  to nod 'knowingly' and smile broadly at an officer leaving the building.  "Thanks!", Alan said as the officer held the door for him.  Inside smelled like sweat, puke and vagrants.  The overhead lights hummed and a bad ballast in one corner made a flicker in his peripheral vision that could trigger a seizure in someone.  It probably already had.

A few people lined the walls, sitting sparsely in the bench chairs that were bolted to the floor, their stained 'leatherette' covers torn and peeling in places.  "This place has seen better days," he thought.

He approached the bullet proof glass divider, where yet another officer sat, looking like he was just settling in, shuffling papers and organizing the desk for his shift.  

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